The Song of Songs
The Song of Songs

The Song of Songs

in Hermeneia

by Roland E. Murphy

4.83 Rank Score: 5.69 from 6 reviews, 3 featured collections, and 6 user libraries
Pages 237
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 1/1/1990
ISBN-13 9780800660246


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G Ware G Ware November 28, 2019
I was surprised to find that the introduction was roughly half of the overall page count. Of course, the history of interpretation of SoS is complicated and worth exploring in depth. The intent of the series is a more technical examination of text, with less emphasis on theological exposition, so this volume is a bit light (but not entirely lacking) with regard to theological meaning of the text.
Marcus Maher Marcus Maher January 27, 2013
The strength of the commentary is the introduction. It's thorough enough without being tediously exhaustive, and like Exum he is a very good writer. The commentary proper is detailed on grammatical and lexical issues. It's a bit sparse at times on interpretive matters. I wish he would have fleshed out his views a little more fully at times. Like Fox, Murphy is a creative thinker and while that occasionally leads to the adoption of unlikely positions, reading interesting ideas is a boon to ones own thinking. Murphy's commentary is the best technical commentary on the Song. [Full Review]
A thorough commentary with theological as well as exegetical insight. [Full Review]