The Message of Ezekiel
The Message of Ezekiel

The Message of Ezekiel

in Bible Speaks Today

by Christopher J. H. Wright

4.36 Rank Score: 5.08 from 7 reviews, 2 featured collections, and 11 user libraries
Pages 368
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Published 1/1/2001
ISBN-13 9780830824250


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Wright is an excellent entry point into the book of Ezekiel. He looks at the big picture of the book, the way that it all holds together, and he focuses on the book’s relevance for the church today. [Full Review]
Robert N Houston Robert N Houston December 19, 2022
Revised review. Returned to Wright when I finished Ezekiel (using Stuart, Taylor, Duguid.) Now Wright's organization makes more sense - but might be confusing to a newbie to Ezekiel like me! Wright is a great writer and he makes many helpful comments - some are VERY inspirational. Webmaster. Please delete my earlier review!
Robert N Houston Robert N Houston July 12, 2022
I am lowering my rating. Everything was going great until I got to Ezekiel Chapters 12 and 13. Nothing. Repeat: nothing. Then Chris does some creative (and confusing) re-organization - grouping chapters together and losing me and probably many others. THE BIBLE SPEAKS TODAY SERIES is an introductory commentary. IVP - PLEASE REVISE OR REPLACE. (Wright is a tremendous person and writer. But sorry...this book is CONFUSING and the re-organization was a bad idea.)
Robert N Houston Robert N Houston May 21, 2022
I have several commentaries on Ezekiel. This one by Wright is excellent. Highly recommended.
R. Hansen R. Hansen April 21, 2012
Great commentary. Easy to read but addresses the text and the theological issues associated with it. As always Wright is great at seeing how each passage fits into the larger picture of the whole Bible and God's plan for the nations. Highly recommended.
Mark Heath Mark Heath July 22, 2010
Superb exposition of the book of Ezekiel. It does not always treat the text in order, and doesn't cover everything, but Wright does a brilliant job of bringing the character of Ezekiel to life, and showing how the theology and challenge of Ezekiel's message matter for us today. [Full Review]