in Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

by Darrell L. Bock

4.8 Rank Score: 6.7 from 11 reviews, 5 featured collections, and 35 user libraries
Pages 880
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 10/1/2007
ISBN-13 9780801026683
Respected New Testament scholar Darrell L. Bock provides a substantive yet highly accessible commentary on Acts in this latest addition to the acclaimed BECNT series. With extensive research and thoughtful chapter-by-chapter exegesis, Bock leads readers through all aspects of the book of Acts--sociological, historical, and theological. His work blends academic depth with readability, making it a useful tool for students, teachers, scholars, and pastors alike. A user-friendly design with shaded text and translations of the Greek text make this commentary engaging and easy to use. The result is a guide that clearly and meaningfully brings this important New Testament book to life for contemporary readers.


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Though Bock can greatly help those without Greek, his work provides plentiful help for those with Greek proficiency. His exegesis is right on target time and time again, as is his grasp of the relevant background, narrative flow, historicity, and contemporary significance. This is a thorough and competent commentary. [Full Review]
Fernando Fernando September 27, 2020
The information is solid, but the style is boring. Too many word studies and not enough thelogical imagination.
Tim Challies Tim Challies April 15, 2013
Keith Mathison gives this one his highest recommendation saying, “Darrell Bock’s massive and outstanding two-volume commentary on the Gospel of Luke raised my expectations for his commentary on Acts in the same series. I was not disappointed. This work is equally outstanding.” He points out, though, that the reader may become confused if he does not have at least some basic knowledge of Greek. If you cannot find Barrett, Bock appears to be the place to begin. [Full Review]
Brian Tabb Brian Tabb September 6, 2012
Bock's Baker commentary is an outstanding exegetical commentary written from an evangelical perspective which engages with the best Acts scholarship. The layout of the BECNT series is relatively user friendly.
Phillip J. Long Phillip J. Long May 29, 2012
Bock also write the BECNT on Luke, so this commentary has the same look and feel as his previous work. Bock also has a work on the Theology of Luke / Acts due from Zondervan in the Summer of 2012. His 46 page introduction briefly covers essential issues, and while I particularly like his theology of Acts section, I look forward to more detail and expansion in his upcoming biblical theology text. As with his previous commentary, each section begins with a summary of the larger unit and a translation of the text. The exegesis section includes both Greek and a transliteration of the Greek. He deals with both lexical and syntactical issues in the body of the commentary, spending more time on identifying grammatical categories than other commentaries on this list (I think that is a DTS thing!) Unlike the Luke commentary, Bock does not have a final summary at the end of the pericope, by guess is that these were dropped by the commentary series. [Full Review]
John Glynn John Glynn September 20, 2008
Darrell Bock's massive and outstanding two-volume commentary on the Gospel of Luke raised my expectations for his commentary on Acts in the same series. I was not disappointed. This work is equally outstanding. Like the other volumes in this series, it is somewhat technical. Greek words within the body of the text are transliterated, but if the reader does not have some understanding of Greek, it will likely become a bit confusing. [Full Review]
Brian LeStourgeon Brian LeStourgeon July 31, 2008
Bock has produced a very helpful commentary on Acts - dealing with history and theology while accepting the general trustworthiness of Luke. This is the first one I grab. Polhill (NAC, 1992) is a good second with insightful details not found in other works. Witherington's volume (Eerdmans, 1997) gives us Witherington at his best.