The Book of Daniel
The Book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel

in Anchor Yale Bible

by Louis F. Hartman and Alexander A. Di Lella

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Pages 360
Publisher Yale University Press
Published 1/1/1978
ISBN-13 9780300139686
The Anchor Bible series offers new, book-by-book translations of the Old and New Testament and the Apocrypha, with commentary. This volume on the Book of Daniel has been prepared by two distinguished biblical scholars from the faculty of the Catholic University of America: Alexander A. Di Lella, Professor of Old Testament, and the late Louis F. Hartman, Professor of Semitic Languages.

The Book of Daniel was written as resistance literature, to strengthen and console loyal Jews of the second century B.C. who had to endure religious, economic, and social oppression at the hands of Antiochus I. The inspiring stories in which Daniel and his companions Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego survive the ordeals of the lions' den and the fiery furnace dramatize for believers of all time the ultimate test of faith--the willingness to risk one's life for one's beliefs.

The Book of Daniel also includes the famous incident of "the handwriting on the wall" and recounts the four vivid dream-visions or apocalypses which, through symbols and signs, offered interpretations of history and predictions of future deliverance.


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An older but very fine commentary
Places comments against a late reconstruction of background. Roman Catholic. [Full Review]