Isaiah 40-66: A Commentary (2nd ed.)
Isaiah 40-66: A Commentary (2nd ed.)

Isaiah 40-66: A Commentary (2nd ed.)

by Michael E. W. Thompson

Pages 202
Publisher Cascade Books
Published 2024
ISBN-13 9781666788235
The book of Isaiah remains one of the most significant works of the Old Testament, dealing with actual responses to a series of political changes and crises—those responses being both of the people of God and also of the dominant great empires of that age. Above all, here are prophetical reactions to the great political changes of the day. Further, here are changes in the way the historical faith of Israel is to be lived out in new ages for the people of Israel's life in both the religious and political settings. In this short and accessible commentary, Michael E. W. Thompson opens up this ancient text for contemporary people.


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