Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremiah
Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremiah

Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremiah (forthcoming)

in International Critical Commentary

by D. Andrew Teeter

Publisher T&T Clark
Status Forthcoming
ISBN-13 978-0567607676
The International Critical Commentaries has now been extended to cover the biblical 'Apocrypha', incorporating Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremiah. Upholding the traditions of the ICC series this volume will examine all the evidence and traditions available to scholars, incorporating both historical and new methods of study. D. Andrew Teeter provides the commentary on Baruch, covering also the Epistle of Jeremiah. As befits an ICC, Teeter focuses on matters textual and philological. However, he also examines literary shaping and development of these two compositions as well as the dynamics of scriptural allusion and exegesis in these texts. Finally, Teeter turns his attention to the purpose of these texts, and examines the implications of this for the study of early Judaism.


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