Mark (Expository Reflections on the Gospels)
Mark (Expository Reflections on the Gospels)

Mark (Expository Reflections on the Gospels)

by Douglas Sean O'Donnell

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Pages 584
Publisher Crossway
Published 3/19/2024
ISBN-13 9781433590634
The Gospel of Mark recounts pivotal moments in Jesus’s ministry, including his baptism, miracles, parables, transfiguration, passion, crucifixion, and resurrection. To help people grasp these important events, pastors must understand the biblical text and then deliver sermons that are deep, engaging, and transformative. This accessible homiletical commentary will help!

Drawing from years of pastoral experience, pastor-theologian Douglas O’Donnell offers exegetical insights on the Gospel of Mark with both wisdom and wit. With the latest scholarship and contemporary illustrations, he walks passage by passage through the text, connecting the life of Jesus both to Old Testament Scripture and our lives today.

This is part of the Expository Reflections on the Gospels series, which equips pastors to faithfully teach the Gospels.


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