1 Peter (Rev. ed.)
1 Peter (Rev. ed.)

1 Peter (Rev. ed.)

in Tyndale New Testament Commentaries

by Wayne Grudem

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Pages 240
Publisher IVP Academic
Published 8/27/2024
ISBN-13 978-1-5140-0829-4
Peter's short letter to the "exiles of the dispersion" addresses many topics: holiness, the sufferings of Christ, God's sovereignty in salvation and life, the grace of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, the church as the new people of God, the reality of the unseen spiritual world, and trusting in God in the midst of daily circumstances. What ties all these concepts together, Wayne Grudem suggests, is the theme of suffering. Most of all, suffering is a form of imitating Christ, who, by bearing our sins on the cross, gives meaning and comfort to Christians in every aspect of their daily lives.

Part of the Tyndale New Testament commentary series, 1 Peter offers a thorough understanding of the book's content and structure as well as its continued relevance for today. This edition has been revised and updated by Grudem from his original TNTC volume.

The Tyndale Commentaries are designed to help the reader of the Bible understand what the text says and what it means. The Introduction to each book gives a concise but thorough treatment of its authorship, date, original setting, and purpose. Following a structural Analysis, the Commentary takes the book section by section, drawing out its main themes, and also comments on individual verses and problems of interpretation. Additional Notes provide fuller discussion of particular difficulties.


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Grudem’s brief and clear work will encourage Christian readers to see 1 Peter’s message of growth in trust and obedience to God. Carson notes, “Scholars and preachers alike will find the lengthy appendix on the ‘spirits in prison’ passage (whether one agrees with it or not) to warrant the price of the book. [Full Review]