Hebrews: A Mentor Commentary
Hebrews: A Mentor Commentary

Hebrews: A Mentor Commentary

in Mentor Commentaries

by Robert J. Cara

Pages 640
Publisher Mentor
Published 2024
ISBN-13 9781527110984
New Testament professor Robert J. Cara’s addition to the Mentor Commentary series highlights the timely message of Hebrews to persevere in Christ.

Attentive to the voice of the God who speaks through the letter, Robert J. Cara underscores the presentation of Jesus as the Son and high priest. In a letter written to encourage and exhort the believers, Cara uncovers how the superior person and superior work of Jesus is broadcast loud and clear to draw back hearts tempted to drift from this glorious reality.

Cara’s love for studying God’s word shines through this comprehensive and clarifying commentary. He connects God’s word to God’s world and brings each section to a close by culminating with a personal reflection that encourages us to delight in and absorb the glorious truth on display.

An essential guide to understanding, enjoying and applying Hebrews; rediscover the supremacy of Christ and respond with rekindled affection.


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