Revelation: Witness and Worship in the World
Revelation: Witness and Worship in the World

Revelation: Witness and Worship in the World

in New Testament Everyday Bible Study Series

by Scot McKnight

Pages 256
Publisher HarperChristian Resources
Published 2024
ISBN-13 978-0310129615

Revelation was written by John to seven churches at the western end of Asia Minor who were under the thumb of the Roman empire (Babylon). Life in the empire involved constant challenges with compromises to the ideology of the empire and emperor, and John exhorts them to be witnesses in word and life as well as to practice a worship that constantly affirms the triumph of God. And this same witness and worship is what we are called to today. The Lamb of God shows the way to live, and God's promise is that justice and peace, the ways of God, will eventually be established (not by war but by witness and worship).

Scot McKnight provides scholarly insights with a pastoral heart for all the books of the New Testament. The NIV is used as the primary Bible text but McKnight also includes insights from his own translation of the entire New Testament. Each Bible study features a short, compact, clear exposition that both summarizes the whole and gives the reader a clear focus for what is central to the passage.


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