Luke: Empowered Living Through Holistic Redemption
Luke: Empowered Living Through Holistic Redemption

Luke: Empowered Living Through Holistic Redemption

in New Testament Everyday Bible Study Series

by Scot McKnight

Pages 384
Publisher HarperChristian Resources
Published 2023
ISBN-13 978-0310129301

Every paragraph in Luke’s gospel is about Jesus. Luke showcases Jesus’ character by recounting all the significant events of his life, recalling his major teachings, and recommending his character as the truest way to live. The Jesus in Luke’s biography doesn’t wait for these events to happen to him, instead Jesus powerfully moves and unleashes the kingdom of God, proclaiming—and demonstrating—holistic redemption. This redemption cannot be reduced to ethics, morality, or even what we call social justice. Its foundation is a Person, and in that Person holistic redemption explodes into living realities. Those who follow this Person suddenly realize they are on mission with Jesus, as Luke tells his great story.

In this deep dive into the person of Jesus, Scot McKnight shows that the Christian movement today, just as it was in Jesus’ time, is empowered by the Spirit of God. Explaining the links between the Bible’s world and ours, McKnight explores the enduring relevance of the Gospel of Luke for today.


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