The Message of Hebrews (Rev. ed.)
The Message of Hebrews (Rev. ed.)

The Message of Hebrews (Rev. ed.)

in Bible Speaks Today

by Raymond Brown

Pages 273
Publisher IVP Academic
Published 2021
ISBN-13 978-0-8308-2504-2
The first-century readers of Hebrews were at a critical point. Many had been exposed to public ridicule, persecution, and imprisonment. Some had already abandoned their commitment to Christ, and others were in danger of compromising or giving up. The letter to the Hebrews brought a profound encouragement and appeal: they must keep their eyes on Christ and remain anchored in the truth.

In this Bible Speaks Today volume, Raymond Brown guides readers passage by passage through Hebrews, exploring historical background, key themes, and applications for today. While some find Hebrews one of the most puzzling of the New Testament books—with its references to animal sacrifices and ancient Israelite customs—Brown identifies a timeless message that remains strikingly relevant in each generation. As Hebrews celebrates the uniqueness of Christ, it clarifies Christians' priorities and our only hope for faithful endurance.

This revised edition of a classic Bible Speaks Today volume includes updated language and Scripture quotations and a new interior design.


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