The Message of Joshua (Rev. ed.)
The Message of Joshua (Rev. ed.)

The Message of Joshua (Rev. ed.)

in Bible Speaks Today

by David G. Firth

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Pages 240
Publisher IVP Academic
Published 2/15/2022
ISBN-13 978-1-5140-0463-0
The book of Joshua tells the action-packed story of Israel's entry into and conquest of Canaan, the promised land. Yet it is often troubling for contemporary Christian readers, perhaps more than any other part of the Old Testament: isn't there too much violence, and isn't this violence inconsistent with the gospel of Jesus?

In The Message of Joshua, David G. Firth explores this story as part of God's mission, which goes on to find its ultimate focus in Jesus Christ. He illuminates the meaning that the book of Joshua still has for Christians today. It challenges us, just as it challenges those who have read it down through the ages, to recognize that God not only includes those who join him in his mission, but he also excludes those who choose to set themselves against it.

Part of the well-loved The Bible Speaks Today series of commentaries, The Message of Joshua offers a clear, readable exposition of the biblical text and thought-provoking discussion of how its meaning relates to contemporary life. Used by Bible students and teachers around the world, The Bible Speaks Today commentaries are ideal for anyone studying or preaching Scripture and those who want to delve deeper into the text. This beautifully redesigned edition has also been sensitively updated to include modern references and the current NRSV Bible text.


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duckpolarbear duckpolarbear April 3, 2024
Very practical handles from a not-too-technical book! Firth has strong insights