1 Corinthians For You
1 Corinthians For You

1 Corinthians For You

in God's Word For You

by Andrew P. Wilson

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Pages 208
Publisher The Good Book Company
Published 1/1/2021
ISBN-13 9781784986230
The scope of 1 Corinthians is breathtaking. Paul tackles a huge variety of subjects, and as he does so, he gives us a precious insight into what a local church is (or at least can be). As Andrew Wilson walks through this compelling, challenging epistle, you'll see how grace looks in every Christian and how it can shape every church--even a church as flawed as the Corinthian one.

This accessible and absorbing expository guide can be used for personal devotions, or for leading small-group studies, or for sermon preparation.


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Wilson’s expository guide focuses on practical application, showing how grace shapes every church, even one as flawed as the church at Corinth. An excellent guide for personal devotions or a group study. [Full Review]