The Minor Prophets: A Theological Introduction
The Minor Prophets: A Theological Introduction

The Minor Prophets: A Theological Introduction

by Craig G. Bartholomew and Heath A. Thomas

Pages 400
Publisher IVP Academic
Published 9/19/2023
ISBN-13 978-1-5140-0168-4
The good news from the Minor Prophets is that, even in dire times, God speaks.

While the Minor Prophets are among the most succinct books of the Old Testament, their theological richness has much to offer us today. And not only did they have something to say to their original audience, but God continues to speak through their words in ways that are of utmost importance for the continued flourishing of God's people. In this unique introduction to the Minor Prophets, biblical scholars Craig Bartholomew and Heath Thomas survey the twelve books and explore the theological themes of each. Filled with helpful exegetical insights, this book is an invaluable guide for students, pastors, and scholars looking for a cohesive exploration of these often-overlooked books of the Hebrew Bible.

More than a survey of the text, each chapter offers theological insights that help frame the message of the Minor Prophets for preaching and living in our world today. This introduction contextualizes the Minor Prophets within a larger biblical-theological framework, illuminating these twelve books as masterful works of literature that address the realities of human life with unblinking honesty and uncompromising hope.


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