Joshua: An Introduction and Study Guide
Joshua: An Introduction and Study Guide
Special Study

Joshua: An Introduction and Study Guide

in Study Guides to the Old Testament (T&T Clark)

by J. Gordon McConville

Pages 96
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2017
ISBN-13 9780567670977
The book of Joshua, with its memorable images of the crossing of the River Jordan and the miraculous conquest of the city of Jericho, plays an important part in the Old Testament's narrative and theology of God's promise and gift of the land of Canaan to Israel.

In this guide, Gordon McConville considers the various aspects of interpreting Joshua, including questions of its origins and occasion, its literary formation and its theology. He also looks squarely at the difficulties it poses to the modern reader, and the dangers of simplistic interpretations, especially when allied with power systems. Yet, among the possible approaches to Joshua, certain readings suggest unexpected messages, and with the book's memorable central image of crossing a river in an escape from tyranny into new life, it can prompt fruitful reflection on other 'crossings', perhaps helping us to overcome the deepest human hostilities.


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