Daniel: An Introduction and Study Guide
Daniel: An Introduction and Study Guide
Special Study

Daniel: An Introduction and Study Guide

in Study Guides to the Old Testament (T&T Clark)

by Ernest C. Lucas

Pages 128
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 1/26/2023
ISBN-13 9780567676832
Introducing students to the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, Ernest Lucas examines the book's structure and characteristics. He covers the latest in biblical scholarship, including historical and interpretive issues, and considers a range of scholarly approaches. Lucas shows how understanding of the book is enhanced by considering it in the context of Mesopotamian culture, literature, and religion. He also evaluates different arguments concerning the authorship, date, and provenance of the book.

In particular, the guide focuses on illuminating the book's relationship to both the tradition of Hebrew prophecy and the later development of Jewish apocalyptic literature. It also highlights the importance of understanding the Book of Daniel as "resistance literature", which intended to encourage faithful Jews to resist the pressures of conformity to the pagan culture in which they lived, and to endure through persecution if necessary.

With suggestions of further reading at the end of each chapter, this guide will be an essential accompaniment to study of the Book of Daniel.


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