Job: An Introduction and Study Guide
Job: An Introduction and Study Guide
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Job: An Introduction and Study Guide

in Study Guides to the Old Testament (T&T Clark)

by Katharine J. Dell

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Pages 128
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 1/12/2017
ISBN-13 9780567670939
In the light of dramatic new interpretative approaches to the Bible this guide to Job follows not only a range of new approaches to the text but also addresses the traditional historical questions and other topical issues.

Dell particularly highlights the problem of genre in understanding Job. She shows how problematic the term 'wisdom' is for this unique book, and argues that its radical sentiments earn it, rather, the title of 'parody'. Of all the biblical books it comes closest to tragedy, raising profound questions about its nature and place in the biblical canon.

Job's relationship to its ancient Near Eastern counterparts, notably in ancient Mesopotamia, are also closely examined and key theological themes that characterize the book are explored. Finally different approaches - feminist, liberationist, ecological and psychological - are outlined so as to illuminate and inform our own personal readings and generate ever fresh understandings of this enigmatic text.


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