Feminist Companion to Mark
Feminist Companion to Mark

Feminist Companion to Mark

in Feminist Companion to the Bible

by eds. Levine, Amy-Jill

Pages 264
Publisher Sheffield Academic Press
Published 12/18/2001
ISBN-13 9781841271941
A Feminist Companion to Mark is the second volume of a new series covering the texts and history of Christian origins.
There are 11 essays including:
Kathleen Corley: Slaves, Servants and Prostitues: Gender and Social Class in Mark;
Wendy Cotter: Mark's Hero of the Twelfth Year Miracles: The Healing of the Woman with the Hemorrhage and the raising of Jairus's Daughter (Mark 5.21-43);
Joanna Dewey: Let Them Renounce Themselves and Take Up Their Cross: A Feminist Reading of Mark 8.34 in Mark's Social and Narrative World;
Hisako Kinukawa: Women Disciples of Jesus (15.40-41, 15.47, 16.1);
Dennis MacDonald: Renowned Far and Wide: the Women who Annointed Odysseus and Jesus;
Elizabeth Struthers Malbon: The Poor Widow in Mark and her Poor Rich Readers; Victoria Phillips: The Failure of the Women Who Followed Jesus in the Gospel of Mark;
Ranjini Wickramaratne Rebera: The Syrophoenician Woman: A South Asian Feminist Perspective;
Sharon H. Ringe: A Gentle Woman's Story, Revisited: Rereading Mark 7.24-31a;
and Marianne Sawicki: Making Jesus; and an introduction by the editor.


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