Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes)
Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes)

Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes)

in Wisdom Commentary Series

by Lisa M. Wolfe

Pages 280
Publisher Liturgical Press
Published 2020
ISBN-13 9780814681237
Qoheleth, also called Ecclesiastes, has been bad news for women throughout history. In this commentary Lisa Wolfe offers intriguing new possibilities for feminist interpretation of the book's parts, including Qoheleth's most offensive passages, and as a whole. Throughout her interpretation, Wolfe explores multiple connections between this book and women of all times, from investigating how the verbs in the time poem in 3:1-8 may relate to biblical and contemporary women alike, to noting that if 11:1 indicates ancient beer making it thus reveals the women who made the beer itself. In the end, Wolfe argues that, by struggling with the perplexing text of Qoheleth, we may discover fruitful, against-the-grain reading strategies for our own time.


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