in Tyndale New Testament Commentaries

by Jeannine K. Brown

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Pages 240
Publisher IVP Academic
Published 3/22/2022
ISBN-13 9781514005040
The letter to the Philippians illuminates a warm relationship between the apostle Paul and the Philippian believers. Despite difficult situations being experienced on both sides, Paul finds ample reason to celebrate what God in Christ has done and is doing in the believers' lives.

Jeannine K. Brown's commentary on Philippians explores the themes of this epistle and how its message is still relevant to Christians in the twenty-first century. Brown shows how motifs of joy, contentment, and unity abound as Paul reminds the Philippians of the supreme value of knowing Jesus the Messiah, and she highlights their significance for shaping the contemporary church toward living more deeply in its identity in Christ.

This Tyndale New Testament commentary examines the text section-by-section—exploring the context in which it was written, providing thoughtful commentary on the letter to the Philippians, and then unpacking its theology. It will leave you with a thorough understanding of the content and structure of Paul's writing, as well as its meaning and continued relevance.

The Tyndale New Testament Commentaries are ideal resources for students and teachers of theology, as well as for preachers and individual Christians looking to delve deeper into the riches of Scripture. Insightful and comprehensive, Jeannine K. Brown's commentary on Philippians is a brilliant introduction that will give you a renewed appreciation for this rich Pauline epistle and a greater knowledge of why it is important to the Christian faith.


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BRathbun BRathbun May 29, 2024
A rather impressive piece of work. I have really benefited from the Tyndale series over the years, with their brief, but scholarly attention to the text. And they have only gotten better with the new updates.  Glad to have this one and to have read it through. Brown writes clearly, with reverence for the text and will take you to some surprisingly pleasant places. Her comments are penetrating, her 'theology' sections are rich. For example, I was rejoicing while reading her thoughts on 1:8-9, and the relationship between love and knowledge, and the priority of love in the Christian's life. Brown introduces each section with thoughts on context and on the various rhetorical emphases of the Apostle, categorizing each section by the categories of Ethos, Pathos and Logos. In this and other ways, it was a little bit different type of commentary, without subtracting from the elements of the best commentaries. There were a few minor points that I thought were sidestepped or passed over, IF I read her comments rightly, such as the "fruit of righteousness" in 1:11 and the "sign of destruction" 1:28. I can't think of any others though, and positively, I was surprised how much she was able to press into. Overall, just a delightful and commentary on one of Paul's most delightful letters.