in Commentaries for Christian Formation

by Amy Peeler

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Pages 448
Publisher Eerdmans
Published 5/21/2024
ISBN-13 978-0-8028-7738-3
How can the Letter to the Hebrews help Christians grow in their faith?

The Letter to the Hebrews tells us that God is trustworthy—that we can trust in Jesus’s defeat of death to lead us to eternal life. Complicating this crucial message, the letter’s enigmatic origins, dense intertextuality, and complex theological import can present challenges to believers wrestling with the text today.

Amy Peeler opens up Hebrews for Christians seeking to understand God in this learned and pastoral volume of Commentaries for Christian Formation. Her fresh translation and detailed commentary offer insights into Christology, the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, and the letter’s canonical resonances. She pays special attention to how the text approaches redemption, providing consolation for the anxious and correction for the presumptuous.

Peeler explains the letter’s original context while remaining focused on its relevance to Christian communities today. Pastors and lay readers alike will learn how Hebrews helps them know, trust, and love God more deeply.


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Ben Makuh Ben Makuh February 1, 2024
For Peeler, a key theme of Hebrews is the notion of access to God. This access is the fulfillment of God's promises to his people, and is something that sits in a bit of a now/not yet tension—accessible now, but not fully. This access is for the community of God, and they persist in that faith together... She tries to maintain a relatively non-technical, accessible tone, keeping everything in English for the most part (and when she does need to share a Greek word, she uses only an English transliteration of the word). If you're a busy pastor and you've lost your Greek, or you're a layperson who never learned it, this commentary should not feel too intimidating. It mostly feels like the sort of conversation you'd get if you had the chance to sit down with a New Testament professor and ask questions about Hebrews... Overall, I appreciate the commentary quite a bit. I think it will probably prove most helpful to preachers and teachers, though I could see a relatively fearless layperson picking it up for personal study and profiting from it. It provides helpful context on tricky texts while mostly sticking at a level that'll be helpful for preaching and application. [Full Review]