in Baker Commentary on the Old Testament

by John Goldingay

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Pages 528
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 4/18/2023
ISBN-13 9781540964618
John Goldingay is one of the most prolific and creative Old Testament scholars working today. In this book he draws on the best of biblical scholarship as well as the Christian tradition to offer a substantive and useful commentary on Joshua. The commentary is both critically engaged and sensitive to the theological contributions of the text.

Goldingay treats Joshua as an ancient Israelite document that speaks to 21st-century Christians. He examines the text section by section--offering a fresh translation, textual notes, paragraph-level commentary, and theological reflection--and addresses important issues and problems that flow from the text and its discussion.

This volume, the first in a new series on the Historical Books, complements the successful Baker Commentary on the Old Testament: Wisdom and Psalms series (series volumes have sold over 65,000 copies). Each series volume is grounded in rigorous scholarship but useful for those who preach and teach. The series editors are Lissa M. Wray Beal (Wycliffe College, University of Toronto), and David G. Firth (Trinity College, Bristol).


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