Psalms, Volume 1: The Wisdom Psalms
Psalms, Volume 1: The Wisdom Psalms

Psalms, Volume 1: The Wisdom Psalms

in Kerux Commentaries

by W. Creighton Marlowe and Charles H. Savelle Jr.

Pages 208
Publisher Kregel Publications
Published 2021
ISBN-13 9780825458460
Psalms, Volume 1: The Wisdom Psalms includes psalms with themes perpetuated in Old Testament wisdom literature such as Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. These psalms extol God as the author of wisdom, contrasting the righteous, who acknowledge and follow God's ways, with the wicked, who rebel against him. Likewise, wisdom psalms praise God's special revelation of his laws and promises. The psalmists commend the virtue of pursuing God's truth and teaching. Marlowe and Savelle explore these psalms' original significance for their ancient audience and use this knowledge to reveal where and how God continues to speak through the wisdom psalms today. Readers will be empowered to teach and preach the Psalms with a renewed perspective.


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