in Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

by Thomas R. Schreiner

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Pages 960
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 10/17/2023
ISBN-13 9781540960504
In this addition to the award-winning BECNT series, leading evangelical biblical scholar Thomas Schreiner offers a substantive commentary on Revelation.

Schreiner’s BECNT volume on Romans has been highly successful, with nearly 40,000 copies sold. In this volume, Schreiner presents well-informed evangelical scholarship on the book of Revelation. With extensive research and thoughtful chapter-by-chapter exegesis, he leads readers through the text of Revelation to help them better understand the meaning and relevance of this biblical book.

As with all BECNT volumes, this commentary features the author’s detailed interaction with the Greek text and an acclaimed, user-friendly design. It admirably achieves the dual aims of the series–academic sophistication with pastoral sensitivity and accessibility–making it a useful tool for pastors, church leaders, students, and teachers.


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Schreiner’s exegetical work is always careful and pastoral. This volume is “substantial enough for serious exegesis but short enough for the busy pastor to read” (Preface). His book includes a substantial introduction that covers authorship, date, genre, structure, and Revelation’s use of the Old Testament. He adopts a unique reading of Revelation 20 he calls “new-creation millennialism.” [Full Review]
Gerben van der Leun Gerben van der Leun April 17, 2024
Title: A Profound Exploration of Revelation Schreiner, Thomas R. Revelation. BECNT. Baker Academic, 2023. As a enthusiast of theological works and biblical exegesis, I am exceedingly pleased with Thomas R. Schreiner's work, Revelation. Published as part of the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) series, this book provides an in-depth analysis of the book of Revelation and has impressed me in numerous ways. One of the most notable aspects of Schreiner's work is its excellent structure. Each chapter is carefully organized and follows a logical progression, allowing the reader to easily navigate the complex themes and subjects of Revelation. This structured approach contributes to the comprehensibility and accessibility of the book, even for those less familiar with biblical exegesis. Furthermore, I appreciate Schreiner's dedication to verse-by-verse exegesis. His thorough analysis of each verse provides profound insight into the meaning and context of the text. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of the Greek language and the historical background of the New Testament, Schreiner succeeds in uncovering the nuances of the text and providing the reader with enlightening insights. What truly sets this work apart are the enriching insights that Schreiner provides. He goes beyond merely presenting the facts; he offers deep theological reflections and practical applications of the text for contemporary life. His ability to clarify complex theological concepts and make them relevant to the modern reader is commendable. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Revelation by Thomas R. Schreiner to anyone seeking a profound study of the book of Revelation. With its excellent structure, detailed exegesis, and enriching insights, this book offers a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for both theologians and laypeople.