In Stone and Story: Early Christianity in the Roman World
In Stone and Story: Early Christianity in the Roman World

In Stone and Story: Early Christianity in the Roman World

by Bruce W. Longenecker

Pages 304
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 2020
ISBN-13 9781540960672
This beautifully designed, full-color textbook introduces the Roman background of the New Testament by immersing students in the life and culture of the thriving first-century towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, which act as showpieces of the world into which the early Christian movement was spreading. Bruce Longenecker, a leading scholar of the ancient world of the New Testament, discusses first-century artifacts in relation to the life stories of people from the Roman world. The book includes discussion questions, maps, and 175 color photographs. Additional resources are available through Textbook eSources.

  • Contents
  • Looking Ahead: An Introduction
  • Part 1: Protocols of Engagement
    • 1. Human Meaning in Stone and Story
    • 2. Fire in the Bones
    • 3. Accessing the First-Century World
    • Timeline of Events
  • Part 2: Protocols of Popular Devotion
    • 4. Deities and Temples
    • 5. Sacrifice and Sin
    • 6. Peace and Security
    • 7. Genius and Emperor
    • 8. Mysteries and Knowledge
    • 9. Death and Life
  • Part 3: Protocols of Social Prominence
    • 10. Prominence and Character
    • 11. Money and Influence
    • 12. Literacies and Status
    • 13. Combat and Courts
    • 14. Business and Success
  • Part 4: Protocols of Household Effectiveness
    • 15. Household and Slaves
    • 16. Family and Solidarity
    • 17. Piety and Pragmatism
    • 18. Powers and Protection
    • 19. Banqueting and the Dead
  • Looking Further: A Conclusion
  • Appendix: Questions to Consider
  • Glossary
  • Indexes


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