The Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ
The Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ

The Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ

by Daniel Boyarin

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Pages 224
Publisher The New Press
Published 2011
ISBN-13 9781595584687
In this powerful, groundbreaking work, Boyarin guides us through a rich tapestry of new discoveries and ancient scriptures to make the powerful case that our conventional understandings of Jesus and of the origins of Christianity are wrong. Boyarin’s scrupulously illustrated account argues that the coming of the Messiah was fully imagined in the ancient Jewish texts. Jesus, moreover, was embraced by many Jews as this person, and his core teachings were not at all a break from Jewish beliefs and teachings. Jesus and his followers, Boyarin shows, were simply Jewish. What came to be known as Christianity came much later, as religious and political leaders sought to impose a new religious orthodoxy that was not present at the time of Jesus’s life.

Published to nationwide attention, this brilliant work will continue to challenge some of our most cherished assumptions.


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BRathbun BRathbun February 22, 2024
Worth reading. Not as groundbreaking as some make it out to be. I came across this book from an interview he did on White Horse Inn. The discussion that there (on the Two Powers theory and Greek readings of John's Gospel) was much more interesting than the book was. Some of his readings of the gospels are insightful, and some appear as great stretches from a Jewish perspective. Some just plainly fanciful. We must remember that the Apostles (Jesus disciples) who wrote the rest of the NT are the primary interpreters of Jesus.