II Kings: In a Whirlwind
II Kings: In a Whirlwind

II Kings: In a Whirlwind

in Maggid Studies in Tanakh

by Alex Israel

Pages 412
Publisher Maggid Press
Published 5/29/2019
ISBN-13 9781592644940
The Book of Kings narrates the turbulent history of Israel from the Temple’s construction until its destruction and the national exile. In II Kings: In a Whirlwind, Bible educator Alex Israel brings the personalities, events, and messages of the Second Book of Kings to life. The reader will encounter Elisha, the extraordinary prophet and miracle maker, the bloody mutiny of Jehu, the terrible fall of Samaria and the exile of the Ten Tribes, the nail-biting tension faced by King Hezekiah as he withstands the great Assyrian siege of Jerusalem, the devastating idolatry of Manasseh, and the religious revolution of King Josiah. Using traditional and modern commentary, literary analysis, archaeology, and Near-Eastern history, this insightful volume leads the reader through the complex lines of the biblical narrative in an enthralling and readable commentary.


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