Romans 9-16
Romans 9-16

Romans 9-16

in Concordia Commentary

by Michael P. Middendorf

Pages 832
Publisher Concordia Publishing House
Published 2016
ISBN-13 9780758638670
Romans conveys the timeless truths of the Gospel to all people of all times and places. That very fact explains the tremendous impact the letter has had ever since it was first written. In this letter, Paul conveys the essence of the Christian faith in a universal manner that has been cherished by believers—and challenged by unbelievers—perhaps more so than any other biblical book.

In Romans 1–8, Paul discloses the righteousness of God and our life in and through our Lord Jesus Christ. But he is only half done! Romans 9–16 continues Paul's comprehensive exposition of the theme articulated in 1:16–17. We find some of Paul’s richest theology in his analysis of Israel and the church in Romans 9–11. And his appeals for Christian living in chapters 12–15 are supported and strengthened by the theological foundations of the Gospel. Finally, it is not until Romans 14–16 that we receive vital clues for identifying the original audience and for discerning the overall purposes behind his most magnificent treatise.

In this commentary, you'll find:

  • Clear exposition of the Law and Gospel theology in Paul’s most comprehensive epistle.
  • Passage after passage of beneficial insight for preachers and biblical teachers who desire to be faithful to the text
  • An in-depth overview of the context, flow of Paul’s argument, and commonly discussed issues in each passage
  • Detailed textual notes on the Greek, with a well-reasoned explanation of the apostle’s message


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