in Concordia Commentary

by Jason R. Soenksen

Pages 624
Publisher Concordia Publishing House
Published 2020
ISBN-13 9780758616005
“The mountains melt under Him and the valleys will split open.” [Micah 1:4] With this bombastic opening, Micah begins. This commentary explores Micah’s unique theological contributions alongside the exegetical and doctrinal scope of the scriptures as a whole. Throughout, this volume deeply engages with the commentaries of the ancient Fathers, the medievals, the reformers, and contemporary scholars, meticulously pairing theology and philology. It gives particular attention to the Law and Gospel paradigm present in Micah, looking at the prophet’s bold derision of sin as well as the fourfold message of hope he shares with Israel. Meditating on these, the commentary suggests the practical applications of Micah’s wisdom to today’s world and Church, both of which need the Word just as much as the Israel of Micah’s day.


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