Introducing Evangelical Theology
Introducing Evangelical Theology

Introducing Evangelical Theology

by Daniel J. Treier

Pages 480
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 7/16/2019
ISBN-13 9780801097690
Evangelical theology has become more academically engaged, aware of global Christianity, and interested in the Great Tradition, yet is increasingly fragmented. This introductory textbook for evangelical colleges, universities, and seminaries offers students a biblically rich, creedally structured, ecumenically evangelical, and ethically engaged introduction to Christian theology.

Daniel Treier, coeditor of the popular Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, is on the cutting edge of evangelical theological scholarship. In this volume, he discusses key Scripture passages, explains Christian theology within the structure of the Nicene Creed, explores the range of evangelical approaches to contested doctrines, acquaints evangelicals with other views (including Orthodox and Catholic), and integrates theological ethics with chapters on the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer. The result is a meaty but manageable introduction to the convictions and arguments shaping contemporary evangelical theology.

  • Contents
  • "One Carries It around Within"
  • Nicene Creed
  • Chapter Theses
  • I. Knowing the Triune God
    • 1. The Creed: Faith Seeking Understanding
    • 2. The Ten Commandments: A Community's Moral Formation
    • 3. The Lord's Prayer: The Church's Spiritual Formation
  • II. The Father, the Almighty Lord
    • 4. The Triune Name of God
    • 5. The Character of Providence
    • 6. The Goodness of Creation
    • 7. Human Beings
  • III. The Son, the Mediating Logos
    • 8. The Identity of Jesus Christ
    • 9. The Ministry of Reconciliation
    • 10. Sin and Salvation
    • 11. The Gospel in Christian Traditions
  • IV. The Holy Spirit, the Life Giver
    • 12. God's Empowering Presence
    • 13. Scripture
    • 14. Church
    • 15. All Things New
  • Glossary
  • Indexes


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