Art and Meaning
Art and Meaning

Art and Meaning

in Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies

by David J. A. Clines, George W. Coats, Charles Davis, J. Cheryl Exum, David M. Gunn, Alan J. Hauser, Charles D. Isbell, Martin Kessler, John Kselman, Kenneth Kuntz, Ann Vater, and Edwin Webster

Pages 266
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 1/6/1982
ISBN-13 9780905774381
Biblical authors were artists of language who created their meaning through their verbal artistry, their rhetoric. These twelve essays see meaning as ultimately inseparable from art and seek to understand the biblical literature with sensitivity to the writer's craft.

  • Contents
  • The Arguments of Job's Friends - David Clines
  • A Moses Legend in Numbers 12 - George Coats
  • The Literary Structure of Luke 1-2 - Charles Davis
  • A Literary Approach to Isaiah 28 - Cheryl Exum
  • Plot, Character and Theology in Exodus 1-14 - David Gunn
  • Intimacy and Alienation in Genesis 2-3 - Alan Hauser
  • Story Lines and Key Words in Exodus 1-2 - Charles Isbell
  • Methodology for Rhetorical Criticism - Martin Kessler
  • A Rhetorical Study of Psalm 22 - John Kselman
  • Rhetorical Criticism and Isaiah 51.1-16 - Kenneth Kuntz
  • Form and Rhetorical Criticism in Exodus 7-11 - Ann Vater
  • Pattern in the Fourth Gospel - Edwin Webster

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