Christology and Scripture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Christology and Scripture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Christology and Scripture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

in The Library of New Testament Studies

by Andrew T. Lincoln, Angus Paddison, R. W. L. Moberly, Stephen E. Fowl, Robert C. Morgan, Morwenna Ludlow, Sara Parvis, John Webster, Stephen R. Holmes, Paul T. Nimmo, and Peter Manley Scott

Pages 240
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2007
ISBN-13 9780567030917
In Christology and Scripture leading biblical scholars and theologians explore the relation of theological thought to the reading of Scripture. The focus is on three inter-related issues. The first is how theologians appropriately read Scripture around Christ, and what contribution, if any, historical-criticism makes to this endeavour. The second is that of the person and work of Christ in relation to Scripture. In interaction with specific texts, contributors engage with the related questions of who Christ is and how his benefits are communicated. This leads on to the final issue of responsiveness to our current context of reading, and contributors reflect on how Christological models relate to contemporary cultural and political concerns.

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  • Contributors
  • Introduction - Andrew T. Lincoln; Angus Paddison (University of Gloucestershire, UK)
  • Chapter 1 'Who is Jesus Christ for us today?': Peter's Confession - Walter Moberly (University of Durham, UK)
  • Chapter 2 Learning to be a Gentile: Christ's Transformation and Redemption of our Past - Stephen Fowl (Loyola College, USA)
  • Chapter 3 Christology and Jewish-Christian understanding: Reading the fourth Gospel as Scripture - Angus Paddison (University of Gloucestershire, UK)
  • Chapter 4 Christology through Scriptual interpretation through New Testament Theology - Robert Morgan (Oxford University, UK)
  • Chapter 5 'Born of the Virgin Mary': Creedal Affirmation and Critical Reading - Andrew T. Lincoln
  • Chapter 6 Suffering Servant or King of Glory? Christological readings of the Old Testament in the patristic era - Morwenna Ludlow (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Chapter 7 Christology in the Early Arian Controversy: the Exegetical War - Sara Parvis (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • Chapter 8 Resurrection and Scripture - John Webster (University of Aberdeen, UK)
  • Chapter 9 Christology, Scripture, Divine Action and Hermeneutics - Stephen R. Holmes (University of St Andrews, UK)
  • Chapter 10 Exegesis, Ontology, and Ethics: Karl Barth on the Sermon on the Mount - Paul T. Nimmo
  • Chapter 11 Seasons of Grace? Christ's Cursing of a Fig Tree - Peter Manley Scott (University of Manchester, UK)
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