Writing the Gospels: A Dialogue with Francis Watson
Writing the Gospels: A Dialogue with Francis Watson

Writing the Gospels: A Dialogue with Francis Watson

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Joel Willitts, Catherine Sider Hamilton, Richard J. Bauckham, Markus Bockmuehl, Jens Schröter, Richard A. Burridge, Mark Goodacre, Jonathan T. Pennington, Joshua W. Jipp, Frederik Mulder, Margaret M. Mitchell, Ephraim Radner, and Francis Watson

Pages 224
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2/21/2019
ISBN-13 9780567679130
Prominent biblical scholars engage with Francis Watson's most striking arguments on gospel writing, specifically: the argument against Q but for an early sayings collection; the four-fold gospel rather than four gospels; and the larger landscape of Jesus and gospel reception and interpretation.

The contributors ask whether, and in what ways, Watson's reorientation of gospel studies is successful and explore its implications for research. The book is more than a critical review of Watson's work; it carries forward his work with fresh treatments and provides an essential volume for students and scholars seeking to understand the landscape of gospel studies and to explore new directions within it.

  • Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction - Joel Willitts, Northpark University, USA and Catherine Sider Hamilton, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Part I: Critical Assessments of Gospel Writing and the Four-fold Gospel
    • 1. Gospels Before Normativization: A Critique of Francis Watson's Gospel Writing - Richard Bauckham, University of St Andrews, UK
    • 2. Fourfold Gospel Writing - Markus Bockmuehl, University of Oxford, UK
  • Part II: Gospel Writing and Gospel Sources
    • 3. Gospels in the First and Second Century: A Critical Appraisal of Francis Watson's “Gospel Writing” with Special Regard to Matthew's Gospel - Jens Schröter, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
    • 4. Ancient Biography, Gospel Genre and the Development of the (Four-Fold?) Canonical Collection - Richard Burridge, King's College London, UK
    • 5. What does Thomas have to do with Q? The Afterlife of a Sayings Gospel – Mark S. Goodacre, Duke University, USA
  • Part III: Gospel Writing and the Four-Fold Gospel
    • 6. Revelatory Epistemology in the Gospel According to Matthew in Dialogue with Francis Watson's “Canonical Perspective” – Jonathan Pennington, Southern Seminary, USA
    • 7. Interpreting and Reinterpreting the Psalms to Proclaim the Crucified King – Joshua Jipp, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, USA
    • 8. Quartet for the End of Time: Reflections on the Fourfold Gospel and History in Light of Matthew's Birth Narrative - Catherine Sider Hamilton, University of Toronto, USA
    • 9. Gospel Differences, Harmonizations, and Historical Truth: Origen and Francis Watson's Paradigm Shift - Frederik Mulder, University of Winchester, UK
    • 10. Gospel Optics – Margaret Mitchell, University of Chicago, USA
    • 11. Singing the Gospels: Beyond the Bookish Text – Ephraim Radner, University of Toronto, USA
  • Part IV: Francis Watson's Response
    • 12. A Reply to my Critics - Francis Watson, University of Durham, UK
  • Index

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