Christian-Jewish Relations: Through the Centuries
Christian-Jewish Relations: Through the Centuries

Christian-Jewish Relations: Through the Centuries

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Stanley E. Porter, Brook W. R. Pearson, Craig A. Evans, Crispin H. T. Fletcher-Louis, Felicity Harley, Lawrence VanBeek, Jacqueline C. R. de Roo, Cynthia Long Westfall, Wendy J. Porter, Pieter W. van der Horst, Mark Handley, Yvonne Sherwood, Kevin McCarron, Liam Gearon, Pat Pinsent, Irene Wise, Arthur Gibson, Louis P. Blond, Melanie J. Wright, Michael A. Hayes, Sue Jackson, Armida Veglio, and Anne Clark

Pages 512
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2004
ISBN-13 9780567041708
Christian-Jewish relations have had changing fortunes throughout the centuries. Occasionally there has been peace and even mutual understanding, but usually these relations have been ones of tension, often involving recrimination and even violence. This volume addresses a number of the major questions that have been at the heart and the periphery of these tenuous relations through the years. The volume begins with a number of papers discussing relations as Christianity emerged from and defined itself in terms of Judaism. Other papers trace the relations through the intervening years. And a number of papers confront issues that have been at the heart of the troubled twentieth century. In all, these papers address a sensitive yet vital set of issues from a variety of approaches and perspectives, becoming in their own way a part of the ongoing dialogue.

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  • Introduction: Christian-Jewish relations into the next century - Stanley E. Porter; Brook W. R. Pearson
  • Part I - Christian-Jewish relations in the Ancient World
    • Root causes of the Jewish-Christian rift from Jesus to Justin - Craig A. Evans
    • Ancient understandings of the Christian-Jewish split - Stanley E. Porter; Brook W. R. Pearson
    • Wisdom Christology and the partings of the ways between Judaism and Christianity - Crispin H. T. Fletcher-Louis
    • Resurrection in Jewish-Christian Apocryphal Gospels and early Christian art - Brook W. R. Pearson; Felicity Harley
    • 1 Enoch among Jews and Christians: a fringe connection? - Lawrence VanBeek
    • Concept of "Works of the Law" in Jewish and Christian literature - Jacqueline C. R. de Roo
    • Was Paul a good Jew? Fundamental issues in a current debate - Stanley E. Porter
    • Moses and Hebrews 3.1-6: approach or avoidance? - Cynthia Long Westfall
    • Misguided missals: is early Christian music Jewish or is it Graeco-Roman? - Wendy J. Porter
    • Jews and Christians in Antioch at the end of the fourth century - Pieter W. van der Horst.
    • This stone shall be a witness (Joshua 24.27): Jews, Christians and inscriptions in early Mediaeval Gaul - Mark Handley
    • Colonizing the Old Testament or representing Christian interests abroad: Jewish-Christian relations across Old Testament territory - Yvonne Sherwood
  • Part I - Christian-Jewish relations in the Ancient World
    • Inhabiting what remains of Judaism: Jewishness and alterity in the fiction of Philip Roth, Saul Bellow, and Bernard Malamud - Kevin McCarron
    • Statement: a literary-historical reflection on Catholic-Jewish relations - Liam Gearon
    • After fagin: Jewishness and children's literature - Pat Pinsent
    • Images of anti-Semitism in nineteenth and twentieth-century popular culture - Irene Wise
    • Philosophy of psychotic modernism: Wagner and Hitler - Arthur Gibson
    • Metaphysics and the Holocaust - Louis P. Blond
    • Nature and significance of relations between the historic peace churches and Jews during and after the Shoah - Melanie J. Wright
    • From Nostra aetate to we remember: a reflection on the Shoah - Michael A. Hayes
    • Back to the future: a century of Jewish-Christian relations in Poland - Sue Jackson
    • Sense of mission in Judaism and Christianity - Armida Veglio
    • Why teach Judaism? - Anne Clark
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