Luther for Evangelicals: A Reintroduction
Luther for Evangelicals: A Reintroduction

Luther for Evangelicals: A Reintroduction

by Paul R. Hinlicky

Pages 208
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 2018
ISBN-13 9780801098888
This brief introduction to Luther's theology connects Luther with the evangelical tradition. Paul Hinlicky, one of today's leading Lutheran theologians, brings his years of Luther research to bear upon evangelicalism as he explores six key areas of doctrine for which Luther is regarded as an authority: the doctrine of God, the doctrine of Scripture, Christology, theological anthropology and the doctrine of sin, justification, and sacramental theology. Even though Luther is embraced as a leading light on these issues, his thought is often misunderstood or mischaracterized. Hinlicky corrects common misconceptions of Luther's thought in light of the whole of his theology and explores the problematic ways the legacy of the Reformation was subtly modified by the rise of empiricism and experimentalism in the Enlightenment, which obscured the profile of Luther as a dogmatic theologian.

Luther for Evangelicals regrounds evangelical mission in a new evangelism and catechesis on the basis of Luther's doctrine of the atonement as "joyful exchange." In addition to its classroom utility for courses on Luther, systematic theology, contemporary theology, and church history, it will be of interest to evangelical pastors and church leaders.

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Overture: "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"
  • Part 1: Luther in Evangelical Perspective
    • 1. The New Birth
    • 2. The Bible
    • 3. Evangelization
    • 4. The Atonement
  • Part 2: Luther's Evangelical Theology
    • 5. Catechesis as Christian Torah
    • 6. The Decalogue
    • 7. The Creed
    • 8. The Christian Life
  • Postlude
  • Appendix: Lyrics from the Hymns of Luther Discussed in This Book
  • Index


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