Origins and Method: Towards a New Understanding of Judaism and Christianity  Essays in Honour of John C. Hurd
Origins and Method: Towards a New Understanding of Judaism and Christianity  Essays in Honour of John C. Hurd

Origins and Method: Towards a New Understanding of Judaism and Christianity Essays in Honour of John C. Hurd

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Heinz O. Guenther, John H. P. Reumann, Wendy Cotter, Edgar M. Krentz, Karl P. Donfried, John L. White, Alan F. Segal, Terence L. Donaldson, Kenneth J. Neumann, John S. Kloppenborg, Bradley H. McLean, Lloyd Gaston, Walter E. Aufrecht, Willard McCarty, G. Peter Richardson, Wayne O. McCready, and Ernest G. Clarke

Pages 409
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 1993
ISBN-13 9780567651167
This collection of essays is presented in honour of John C. Hurd on the occasion of his retirement as Professor of New Testament at Trinity College, Toronto, and in recognition of a distinguished career in the fields of Pauline studies and computing in the humanities. Given Professor Hurd's interest in Christian origins and methodology, it is appropriate that the contributors to this volume deal with the origin and development of various aspects of Judaism and Christianity. In particular they highlight how a greater attentiveness to method has resulted in a reshaping of our understanding of Christianity or Judaism. The volume is divided into three parts: 'New Understandings of Paul', 'New Understandings of the New Testament', and 'New Understandings of the Relationship between Judaism and Christianity'. Contributors include Walter Aufrecht, Karl Donfried, Robert Grant, John Kloppenborg, Gerd Ludemann and Wayne McCready.

  • Contents
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  • Editor's Preface
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  • List of Contributors
    • Paul, Christ and the problem of death - Gerd Lùˆdemann
    • Gnosticism in Corinth? - Heinz O. Guenther
    • Church office in Paul, especially in Philippians - John Reumann
    • Our Politeuma is in heaven : the meaning of Philippians 3.17-21 - Wendy Cotter
    • Military language and metaphors in Philippians - Edgar M. Krentz
    • 2 Thessalonians and the church of Thessalonica - Karl P. Donfried
    • Apostolic mission and apostolic message: congruence in Paul's epistolary rhetoric, structure and imagery - John L. White
    • Conversion and universalism : opposites that attract - Alan F. Segal
    • Thomas Kuhn, convictional worlds, and Paul - Terence L. Donaldson
    • Major variations in Pauline and other epistles in light of genre and the Pauline letter form - Kenneth J. Neumann
    • Edwin Hatch, churches and collegia - John S. Kloppenborg
    • The Agrippinilla inscription religious associations and early church formation - Bradley H. McLean
    • The uniqueness of Jesus as a methodological problem - Lloyd Gaston
    • The Son of Man problem as an illustration of the techne of NT studies - Walter E. Aufrecht
    • Ancient and modern questions about authenticity - Robert M. Grant
    • Discontinuity, metamorphosis and coherence: methodologies for computer-assisted textual analysis, with reference to the Metamorphoses of Ovid - Willard McCarty
    • Philo and Eusebius on monasteries and monasticism: the Therapeutae and Kellia - G. Peter Richardson
    • Sectarian separation and exclusion: the Temple Scroll : a case for wholistic religious claims - Wayne O. McCready
    • The Bible and translation: the Targums - Ernest G. Clarke
  • John Coolidge Hurd, Jr. Cursus vitae
  • Bibliography of John C Hurd
  • Index of Biblical References
  • Index of Authors

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