Redemptive Almsgiving in Early Christianity
Redemptive Almsgiving in Early Christianity

Redemptive Almsgiving in Early Christianity

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Roman Garrison

Pages 175
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 3/1/1993
ISBN-13 9781474230605
In the light of the New Testament's conviction that Jesus Christ died for sins, and that the Cross is a 'once for all' act that makes the Temple cult unnecessary, this challenging work probes the reasons for the emerging doctrine of redemptive almsgiving in early Christianity. Do the New Testament writers themselves (even Jesus!) implicitly endorse the view that a 'supplementary' or alternative means of atonement is necessary? What is the background of this theme in Graeco-Roman sources and in the Hebrew Bible? What are the principal texts in early Christian literature that advocate almsgiving as a 'ransom' for sin? These questions firmly govern this investigation of the social and theological forces that gave legitimacy to a doctrine that at first appears to contradict the primary New Testament soteriology, namely that the death of Jesus Christ is the exclusive means of redemption from sin.

  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • The Graeco-Roman Background of Redemptive Almsgiving
  • The Jewish Background of Redemptive Almsgiving
  • The Background in Early Christian Tradition
  • The Apostolic Fathers
  • Analysis
  • The Roman Church and the Developing Doctrine
  • The Didache, Barnabas, and Doctrina
  • G.E.M. De Ste Croix's the Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World.
  • Index


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