The Language of the Greek New Testament: Classic Essays
The Language of the Greek New Testament: Classic Essays

The Language of the Greek New Testament: Classic Essays

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Stanley E. Porter, Adolf Deissmann, James Hope Moulton, Charles C. Torrey, Matthew Black, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, Henry Snyder Gehman, Nigel Turner, Lars Rydbeck, and Moisés Silva

Pages 238
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 9/1/1991
ISBN-13 9780567120250
A collection of essays which address questions posed by the Greek of the New Testament documents themselves, in relation to the languages current in first-century AD Palestine. This anthology offers the reader a judicious and highly useful selection of the major statements of the twentieth century regarding the kind of Greek found in the New Testament. The essays are by such noteworthy scholars as Deissmann, Moulton, Torrey, Black, Fitzmyer, Gehman, Turner, Rydbeck and Silva.

  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction: The Greek of the New Testament as a Disputed Area of Research - Stanley E. Porter
  • Hellenistic Greek with Special Consideration of the Greek Bible - Adolf Deissmann
  • New Testament Greek in the Light of Modern Discovery - James Hope Moulton
  • The Aramaic of the Gospels - Charles C. Torrey
  • Aramaic Studies and the Language of Jesus - Matthew Black
  • The Languages of Palestine in the First Century AD - Joseph A. Fitzmyer
  • The Hebraic Character of Septuagint Greek - Henry S. Gehman
  • The Language of Jesus and His Disciples - Nigel Turner
  • On the Question of Linguistic Levels and the Place of the New Testament in the Contemporary Language Milieu - Lars Rydbeck
  • Bilingualism and the Character of Palestinian Greek - Moïses Silva
  • Index of References
  • Index of Authors

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