in Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary

by Heath A. Thomas

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Publisher Eerdmans
Published 2018
ISBN-13 9780802868701
The book of Habakkuk has much to teach us about suffering and complaint, faith and fear, and the fidelity of God in times of trouble; it generates reflection on prayer, peace, violence, and faithfulness. In this volume—one of the few commentaries examining Habakkuk by itself—Heath Thomas explores this overlooked Old Testament prophet in order to hear God’s address for us today.

Utilizing traditional biblical scholarship, Thomas draws from the well of Christian and Jewish interpretation through the centuries. The first part of his commentary is a theological exegesis that engages with both systematic and biblical theology. The second part reflects on the text from a theological perspective, looking for main themes and connections to the rest of the biblical canon.


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This is an excellent commentary. My only complaint is that the comments on Hab. 3 are a little thin. The main strength is the way Thomas discusses and responds to the reception history of Habakkuk. Thomas demonstrates an historical awareness that is not always present in the THOT series.
David Beldman David Beldman April 3, 2020
Thoughtful and informed treatment of Habakkuk. This is really helpful for pastors, theological students and scholars.
G Ware G Ware January 9, 2020
Thomas captures well the vision and goal of the series, presenting an exposition of the text which is a reliable semi-technical/pastoral commentary, and then presenting a theological reading which explores themes and contextual application of the text. Great resource for preaching.