Messiah in the Passover
Messiah in the Passover

Messiah in the Passover

by Mitch Glaser, Robert Walter, Robert H. Flashman, Gordon Law, Darrell L. Bock, Brian Crawford, Scott P. Nassau, Gregory Hagg, Olivier Melnick, Zhava Glasser, Daniel Nessim, Michael Cohen, Larry Feldman, Richard E. Freeman, David Sedaca, Cathy Wilson, Rachel Goldstein-Davies, Chosen People Ministries, and Mitch Foreman

Pages 384
Publisher Kregel Academic
Published 2017
ISBN-13 9780825445378
Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. He is the fulfillment of Passover. Like the first Passover lambs sacrificed to redeem Israel from slavery in Egypt, Jesus’ death on the cross redeems us from slavery to sin. Reflecting on all of this, the Apostle Paul says, "Christ our Passover also has been sacrificed" (1 Cor. 5:7), and just as the first Passover was very personal and the Israelites personally applied the blood of the lambs to the doors of their houses, we too, by faith, need to personally apply the blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God, to the doors of our hearts. Have you made Passover personal?

  • Contents
  • Note to the Reader and Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • Foreword by Darrell L Bock
  • Introduction: Why Study the Passover? - Mitch Glaser
  • Part 1: Biblical Foundations
    • Passover in the Torah - Robert Walter
    • Passover in the Writings - Robert H. Flashman
    • Passover in the Prophets - Gordon Law
    • Passover in the Gospel of Luke - Darrell L. Bock
    • Passover in the Gospel of John - Mitch Glaser
    • Passover and the Lords Supper - Brian Crawford
  • Part 2: Passover and Church History
    • Passover the Temple and the Early Church - Scott P. Nassau
    • Passover Controversies in Church History - Gregory Hagg
    • Passover and Antisemitism - Olivier Melnick
  • Part 3: Jewish Tradition and the Passover
    • Passover in Rabbinic Writings - Zhava Glasser
    • Passover and the Afikoman - Daniel Nessim
  • Part 4: Communicating the Gospel through the Passover
    • Passover and the Atonement - Michael Cohen
    • The Gospel in the Passover Seder - Larry Feldman
    • Sermon: Jesus, the Lamb of God - Richard E. Freeman
    • The Third Cup - David Sedaca
  • Part 5: Celebrating Messiah in the Passover
    • Passover in Your Home - Cathy Wilson
    • Passover Lessons for Your Children - Rachel Goldstein-Davies
    • A Messianic Family Haggadah - 'Chosen People Ministries'
    • Passover Foods and Recipes - Mitch Foreman
  • Conclusion: In Honor of the Lamb - Mitch Glaser; Darrell L. Bock
  • Appendixes
    • Appendix 1: The Jewish and Protestant Canons of the Bible
    • Appendix 2: Hebrew Months of the Year
    • Appendix 3: Passover Observances in Biblical History
    • Appendix 4: Five Passover Meals Compared
    • Appendix 5: Last Supper Sayings Compared
    • Appendix 6: The Lamb of God in the New Testament
    • Appendix 7: Map of the Exodus
    • Appendix 8: Map of Jerusalem during Messiah's Final Days (Part 1)
    • Appendix 9: Map of Jerusalem during Messiah's Final Days (Part 2)
  • Abbreviations
  • Glossary
  • Recommended Reading
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Scripture
  • Index of Ancient and Medieval Writings
  • Index of Rabbinic Writings
  • Index of Names
  • Index of Subjects
  • Index of Hebrew Terms
  • Index of Greek Terms

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