Studia Biblica 1978. II Papers on the Gospels
Studia Biblica 1978. II Papers on the Gospels

Studia Biblica 1978. II Papers on the Gospels

in The Library of New Testament Studies

by W. J. P. Boyd, Y. Burns, Bruce D. Chilton, John Coutts, J. T. Cummings, J. Duncan Derrett, John de Satge, John C. Fenton, R. T. France, Jack Freeborn, Paul Garnet, M. E. Glasswell, John Marsh, James I. H. McDonald, David L. Mealand, Francis J. Moloney, M. B. Moreton, J. Morgan-Wynne, Joseph Stephen O'Leary, Brian G. Powley, John K. Riches, B. P. Robinson, E. A. Russell, J. M. Sherriff, Wendy E. Sproston, Richard L. Sturch, Charles A. Wanamaker, and J. T. Williams

Pages 350
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 1980
ISBN-13 9780567134516
Sixth International Congress on Biblical Studies, Oxford, 3-7 April 1978.

  • Contents:
  • Gehenna-According to J. Jeremias - W. J. P. Boyd
  • The Greek manuscripts connected by their Lection Systems with the Palestinian Syriac Gospel Lectionaries - Y. Burns
  • Not to taste death: a Jewish, Christian and Gnostic Usage - Bruce D. Chilton
  • The Messianic Secret and Jesus' Enemies - John Coutts
  • The Tassel of his Cloak: Mark, Luke, Matthew-and Zechariah - J. T. Cummings
  • Legend and Event: The Gerasene Demoniac: An Inquest into History and Liturgical Projection - J. Duncan Derrett
  • The Human Integrity of St John's Jesus - John de Satge
  • Matthew and the Divinity of Jesus: Three questions concerning Matthew 1.20-23 - J. C. Fenton
  • The Massacre of the Innocents-Fact or Fiction? - R. T. France
  • Jesus and Sectarian Judaism - Jack Freeborn
  • Jesus and the Exilic Soteriology - Paul Garnet
  • St Mark's Attitude to the Relationship between History and the Gospel - M. E. Glasswell
  • Meditations in Matthew - J. Marsh
  • New Quest-Dead End? So what about the historical Jesus? - James I. McDonald
  • Mk 9.33-50. Catechetics in Mark's Gospel - James I. McDonald
  • Paradisial Elements in Jesus' Teaching - David L. Mealand
  • From Cana to Cana (Jn 2.1-4.54) and the Fourth Evangelist's Concept of Correct (and Incorrect) Faith - Francis J. Moloney
  • The Beloved Disciple Again - M. B. Moreton
  • The Cross and the Revelation of Jesus as ego eimi in the Fourth Gospel (Jn 8.28) - J. Morgan-Wynne
  • Limits to the Understanding of John in Christian Theology - Joseph Stephen O'Leary
  • Vincent Taylor and the Messianic Secret in Mark's Gospel - Brian G. Powley
  • Lessing as Editor of Reimarus' Apologie - J. K. Riches
  • The Meaning and Significance of the Seventh Hour in John 4.52 - B. P. Robinson
  • The Canaanite Woman and the Gospels (Mt 15.21-28; cf. Mk 7.24-30) - E. A. Russell
  • Matthew 25.1-13. A Summary of Matthaean Eschatology? - J. M. Sherriff
  • Satan in the Fourth Gospel - Wendy E. Sproston
  • The Alleged Eyewitness Material in the Fourth Gospel - R. L. Sturch
  • Mk 11.25 and the Gospel of Matthew - Charles A. Wanamaker
  • Cultic Elements in the Fourth Gospel - J. T. Williams

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