Let the Reader Understand: Essays in Honor of Elizabeth Struthers Malbon
Let the Reader Understand: Essays in Honor of Elizabeth Struthers Malbon

Let the Reader Understand: Essays in Honor of Elizabeth Struthers Malbon

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Werner Kelber, R. Alan Culpepper, Elizabeth Evans Shively, Kelly R. Iverson, Joanna Dewey, Christopher W. Skinner, Joel F. Williams, Edwin K. Broadhead, Mikeal C. Parsons, David L. Barr, Brent Driggers, David J. A. Clines, Calvin J. Roetzel, Jerry L. Sumney, Bryan Britt, Robert C. Tannehill, J. Cheryl Exum, Heidi J. Hornik, Geert Van Oyen, Philip Ruge-Jones, Richard Walsh, and Cynthia Briggs Kittredge

Pages 352
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 12/14/2017
ISBN-13 9780567674050
Let the Reader Understand honors the extraordinary contribution of Elizabeth Struthers Malbon to biblical studies. In the opening chapter, Werner Kelber places Malbon's work within the larger context of critical reflection, from antiquity to the modern era, on the role and function of discourse. Kelber locates her approach squarely within the framework of modernity and concludes that "Malbon's supremely creative achievement has been the employment of modern, narrative critical tools with a view toward uncovering the fecundity of the gospel of Mark."

Drawing from and conversing with Professor Malbon's extensive publications, each of the five section engages a theme from her works and most focus on the gospel of Mark. Among these are meaning as narrative, issues in methodology, studies in characterization, narrative readings of specific texts, and aesthetic and political readings. Contributors include Werner H. Kelber, R. Alan Culpepper, Kelly R. Iverson, Mikeal C. Parsons, David Barr, David J.A. Clines, Robert C. Tannehill, J. Cheryl Exum, Heidi Hornik and Richard Walsh.

  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Preface -- Edwin Broadhead, Berea College, USA
  • Elizabeth Struthers Malbon: Scholarly Publications and Contributions
  • Tribute -- David Rhoads, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, USA
  • Tribute -- John R. Donahue, Loyola University Maryland, USA
  • Tribute -- Robert Fowler, Baldwin Wallace University, USA
  • Part One
    • 1. Meaning as Narrative: The Creative Achievement of Elizabeth Struthers Malbon in Context -- Werner Kelber, Rice University, USA
  • Part Two: Issues in Methodology
    • 1. Elizabeth Malbon's Contribution to Our Understanding of Mark's Christology -- Alan Culpepper, McAfee School of Theology, USA
    • 2. Becoming a Disciple without Seeing Jesus: Narrative as a Means of Knowing -- Elizabeth Shively, University of St. Andrew's, UK
    • 3. Characterization in Narrative and Performance -- Kelly Iverson, Baylor University, USA
  • Part Three: Studies in Characterization
    • 1. Mark's Jesus: Sayings and Deeds -- Joanna Dewey, Episcopal Divinity School, USA
    • 2. Characterizing Jesus in Mark's Longer Ending -- Christopher Skinner, Loyola University Chicago, USA
    • 3. The Characterization of the Demons in Mark's Gospel -- Joel Williams, Cedarville University, USA
    • 4. The Waiting Guest Room and Prophetic Characterization: A Critical Note -- Edwin Broadhead, Berea College, USA
    • 5. Jesus and the Good Samaritan: A Study in Characterization -- Mikeal Parsons, Baylor University, USA
    • 6. Uncovering Jesus: Characterization in the Narrative of John's Apocalypse -- David Barr, Wright State University, USA
  • Part Four: Narrative Readings
    • 7. Mark's Poor Widow Revisited: The Case for Narrative Tension --Brent Driggers, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary of Lenoir-Rhyne University, USA
    • 8. The Magnificat: A Disenchantment -- David Clines, University of Sheffield, UK
    • 9. Paul and Mark-A Family Resemblance -- Calvin Roetzel, University of Minnesota, USA
    • 10. Salvific Suffering in Paul: Eschatological, Vicarious, and Mimetic -- Jerry Sumney, Lexington Theological Seminary, USA
    • 11. The Wrestling Episode of Genesis 32 -- Bryan Britt, Virginia Tech University, USA
  • Part Five: Aesthetic and Political Readings
    • 12. Love of Enemies and the Problem of Mass Incarceration -- Robert C. Tannehill, Methodist Theological School in Ohio at Delaware, USA
    • 13. Visual Criticism and Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Ecce Ancilla Domini – J. Cheryl Exum, University of Sheffield, UK
    • 14. The Influence of the Junius Bassus Sarcophagus on Italian Renaissance Sculpture -- Heidi J. Hornik, Baylor University, USA
    • 15. Brancusi's Table of Silence and the Resurrection of God in the Gospel of Mark -- Geert Van Oyen, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium
    • 16. Discovering Where the Bodies are Hidden: Latitudinal Eschatological Perspectives in the Gospel of Mark -- Philip Ruge-Jones, independent scholar
    • 17. Jesus of Montreal as an Interpretation of the Gospel of Mark -- Richard Walsh, Methodist University, USA
    • 18. Listening and Giving Voice: Poems from the Gospel of Mark -- Cynthia Kittredge, Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, USA
  • Conclusion - Edwin Broadhead – Berea College, USA
  • Index
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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