The Jewish Apocalyptic Tradition and the Shaping of New Testament Thought
The Jewish Apocalyptic Tradition and the Shaping of New Testament Thought

The Jewish Apocalyptic Tradition and the Shaping of New Testament Thought

by Leslie A. Baynes, Kristian A. Bendoraitis, Grant Macaskill, Benjamin E. Reynolds, Loren T. Stuckenbruck, Kindalee Pfremmer De Long, Christopher Rowland, Karina Martin Hogan, Matthew J. Goff, James M. Scott, Benjamin Wold, John Byron, Mark Harding, Eric F. Mason, Mariam J. Kamell Kovalishyn, Chad T. Pierce, and Bennie H. Reynolds III

Pages 300
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 2017
ISBN-13 9781451492668
Here an international team of scholars draws out the implications of the newest scholarship on the nature of apocalypticism for the variety of New Testament writings. Each entry presses the boundaries regarding the nature of apocalypticism in application to a particular New Testament author, revealing early Christianity, its Christology, cosmology, and eschatology as expressions of tendencies in Second Temple Judaism.

  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction—Benjamin E. Reynolds and Loren T. Stuckenbruck
  • Part 1: Jesus and the Gospels
    • 1. Jesus the Revealer and the Reavealed—Leslie A. Baynes
    • 2. Apocalypticism, Angels, and Mathew—Kristian Bendoritis
    • 3. Apocalypse and the Gospel of Mark—Grant Macaskill
    • 4. Angels and Visions in Luke-Acts—Kindalee Pfremmer De Long
    • 5. Apocalyptic Revelation in the Gospel of John—Benjamin E. Reynolds
  • Part 2: Paul and the Pauline Letter
    • 6. Paul as an Apocalyptist—Christopher Rowland
    • 7. The Apocalyptic Eschatology of Romans—Karina Martin Hogan
    • 8. The Mystery of God’s Wisdom, the Parousia of a Messiah, and Visions of Heavenly Paradise—Matthew Goff
    • 9. A Companion of Paul’s Letter to the Galatians with the Epistle of Enoch —James M. Scott
    • 10. Apocalyptic Thought in the Epistles of Colossians and Ephesians —Benjamin Wold
    • 11. Apocalyptic Thought in Philippians—Angela Standhartinger
    • 12. Paul the Seer and the Apocalyptic Community at Thessalonica—John Byron
    • 13. Apocalypticism in the Pastoral Epistles—Mark Harding
  • Part 3: Hebrews, the Catholic Epistles, and Revelation
    • 14. Heavenly Revelation in the Epistle to the Hebrews—Eric F. Mason
    • 15. James and Apocalyptic Wisdom—Mariam Kamell Kovalishyn
    • 16. Apocalypse and the Epistles of 1, 2 Peter and Jude—Chad Pierce
    • 17. Demonology and Eschatology in the Oppositional Language of the Johannine Epistles and Jewish Apocalyptic Texts—Bennie H. Reynolds III
    • 18. The Book of Revelation as a Disclosure of Wisdom—Loren T. Stuckenbruck
  • Indices

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