The Formation of the Christian Scriptures
The Formation of the Christian Scriptures

The Formation of the Christian Scriptures

in International Study Guides

by eds. Baxter, Margaret

Pages 160
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 2015
ISBN-13 9781451499605
The Formation of the Christian Scriptures is the second volume in a two-part introduction to the New Testament. The first volume, Jesus Christ: His Life and His Church, contains an account of events, beginning with the life and teaching of Jesus and ending with the leaders of the early church writing letters to Christians.

This second volume is concerned with the writing of the Gospels and also traces the processes by which the various parts of the New Testament as we know it came to be written and put together, accepted as Scripture, and then translated. A final chapter considers the many modern English language versions that exist today.

The International Study Guides (ISGs) are clear and accessible resources, contextual and ecumenical in content and missional in direction. The contributors are theological educators who come from different countries and different religious backgrounds and bring practical emphasis alongside contemporary scholarly reflection.

  • Contents
  • Fortress Press International Study Guides
  • Preface
  • About This Book
  • 1. Why the Gospels Were Written
  • 2. The Gospel according to Mark
  • 3. The Gospel according to Matthew
  • 4. Luke–Acts: A Book in Two Parts
  • 5. The Gospel according to John
  • 6. The Old Testament in the New Testament
  • 7. The Canon: Christian Writings Become Scripture
  • 8. Texts and Translations
  • Appendixes
  • Key to Study Suggestions
  • Index


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