Understanding and Using the Bible
Understanding and Using the Bible
Non-Western or BIPOC

Understanding and Using the Bible

in International Study Guides

by eds. Wright, Christopher J. H.; Lamb, Jonathan

Pages 256
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 2015
ISBN-13 9781451499629
Understanding and Using the Bible is an engaging and exciting introduction to biblical methods and practices of study, edited by two trusted teachers in collaboration with a diverse array of contributors.

Part one explores key Christian beliefs about the Bible and why it matters, guides effective use and application of the Bible in different cultural and social contexts, and encourages readers to take the Bible as a whole and build a biblical worldview. Part two illustrates applied Bible use in different contexts with contributions from a variety of authors.

  • Contents
  • Fortress Press International Study Guides
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Understanding the Bible
    • Introduction
    • 1. Understanding the Bible as the Word of God—Christopher J. H. Wright
    • 2. Understanding the Bible as the Words of Human Authors—Christopher J. H. Wright
    • 3. Understanding the Bible as a Whole—Christopher J. H. Wright
  • Part II: Using the Bible
    • 4. Using the Bible Devotionally for Life—Jonathan Lamb
    • 5. Using the Bible in Evangelism—Ajith Fernando
    • 6. Using the Bible in Groups—Catharine Padilla
    • 7. Using the Bible in the Context of Islam—Ida Glaser
    • 8. Using the Bible in Oral Cultures—Steve Evans
    • 9. Using the Bible with Women—Emily Onyango
    • 10. Using the Bible in the Family as a Guide for Life—Anthony and King Lang Loke
    • 11. Using the Bible in Preaching—Jonathan Lamb
  • Index


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