Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense: A Response to Contemporary Challenges
Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense: A Response to Contemporary Challenges

Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense: A Response to Contemporary Challenges

in Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology

by C. Stephen Evans

Pages 160
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 2015
ISBN-13 9780801096600
In recent years the Christian faith has been challenged by skeptics, including the New Atheists, who claim that belief in God is simply not reasonable. Prominent Christian philosopher C. Stephen Evans offers a fresh, contemporary, and nuanced response in Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense. He makes the case for both belief in a personal God and belief that this God has revealed himself through the Christian revelation. Belief in God is grounded in natural "signs," and belief in the Christian revelation stems from three "signs" God has provided: miracles, the paradoxical nature of revelation, and the existential power of revelation.

After beginning with a brief introduction to New Atheist claims, Evans shows how natural theology can undermine an anti-naturalistic view of the world, opening the way for theism. He next discusses natural signs for God and their evidential value. But natural signs only open our minds to theistic possibilities; revelation is required for Christian belief. Evans concludes with a thorough discussion of the reasons God's self-revelation is both authoritative and authentic.

This sophisticated yet accessible book provides a clear account of the evidence for Christian faith, concluding that it still makes sense to believe. It will be of use to undergraduate professors and students of apologetics and philosophy as well as pastors, church leaders, and campus ministries.

The Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology series, sponsored by Acadia Divinity College, offers critical assessments of the major issues that the church faces in the twenty-first century. Authored by leading authorities in the field, these studies provide readers with requisite orientation and fresh understanding to enable them to take part meaningfully in discussion and debate.

  • Contents
  • 1. Who Are the New Atheists, and What Are They Saying?
  • 2. The Value of Natural Theology
  • 3. The Concept of a Natural Sign for God
  • 4. Natural Signs for God and Theistic Arguments
  • 5. Can We Trust the Natural Signs for God?
  • 6. Recognizing God's Self-Revelation
  • 7. Criteria for a Genuine Revelation from God
  • 8. Conclusions: Making the Case for Christian Faith
  • Index


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