1 Timothy Reconsidered
1 Timothy Reconsidered

1 Timothy Reconsidered

by eds. Donfried, Karl P.

Pages 201
Publisher Peeters
Published 12/1/2008
ISBN-13 9789042920910
1 Timothy Reconsidered contains the presentations and deliberations of the nineteenth meeting of the Colloquium Oecumenicum Paulinum, a distinguished group of some thirty-five international and ecumenical Pauline scholars, held at the Abbey of Saint Paul in Rome during September, 2006. 1 Timothy served as the focal point for all eight papers, although the relationship of this text to that of 2 Timothy, Titus and to other Pauline writings was repeatedly considered. Extensive dialogue centered on the methodological issue of pseudonymity and its continued effectiveness as an exegetical tool. Some urged consideration of a broader view of Pauline letter writing, one that involved authorization to, or joint authorship with, co-workers situated in diverse Pauline missionary centers. The volume also contains a major reassessment of theological themes found in 1 Timothy including the relationship of grace to such heteronomous norms as asceticism, the so-called accomodationist character of the letter, especially the relationship of eusebeia to bourgeois Christianity, and whether the use of the category "household" is, in fact, a misrepresentation of Paul's understanding of the church. Under the presidency of Karl Donfried, presenters included David Horrell, Luke Timothy Johnson, Vasile Mihoc, Margaret Mitchell, Yann Redalié, László Simon and Thomas Söding.


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