The Elijah Calling: The Hidden and Revealed Messiah
The Elijah Calling: The Hidden and Revealed Messiah

The Elijah Calling: The Hidden and Revealed Messiah

by Ken Mentell

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Pages 558
Publisher CreateSpace
Published 2014
ISBN-13 9781503031357
"The Elijah Calling" by Ken Mentell investigates the end-time prophecy regarding the promised coming of Elijah. "The Elijah Calling" explores the dire warning of the prophets regarding the "end-time" great delusion that will come upon the entire world. In a stunning display of prophetic patterns and fractals the author proves the meaningful arrangement of God's divine plan and how believers can equip themselves for the end-time conflict. Hidden within the scriptures are divinely designed sequences that show the hiding and revealing of Jesus Christ! Throughout the scriptures we see the repeating structure of hidden then revealed, death then resurrection, seed then image, descending then ascending, and flesh then spirit. Christianity finally has an answer for why Jesus Christ has been absent for 2,000 years! "The Elijah Calling" is a robust commentary on the Image of God and the method of correctly interpreting God's divine parables.


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Yctsuj Yctsuj July 2, 2017
Read, research, think, reflect, repeat. This book is filled with information that can help guide you to your own revelations. Put some time beyond just reading and you will find answers to questions you didn't know to ask.
MessianicBooks MessianicBooks June 17, 2015
This is simply one of the best new prophetic commentaries and is sure to become a standard textbook for Bible Colleges and Universities! If you are interested in the patterns and parables of scripture this is the book for your students. Finally an author who treats the scriptures like a mathematical function where you can check your theology front to back...and then back again. I now use this as a tool for developing all of my sermons.