Reading Ecclesiastes Intertextually
Reading Ecclesiastes Intertextually

Reading Ecclesiastes Intertextually

in Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies

by Katharine J. Dell, Will Kynes, Bernard M. Levinson, Tremper Longman III, Richard Schultz, Mary E. Mills, Tova Forti, Thomas Krüger, Milton P. Horne, Daniel J. Estes, Brittany N. Melton, Stuart Weeks, William H. U. Anderson, John Jarick, Bradley C. Gregory, Lester L. Grabbe, Matthew J. Goff, Craig G. Bartholomew, Jennie Grillo, Susannah Ticciati, Michail Kitsos, Hugh Pyper, and Daniel J. Treier

Pages 352
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2014
ISBN-13 9780567331250
This volume continues the study of intertextuality in the ‘Wisdom Literature’ initiated in Reading Job Intertextually (Dell and Kynes, T&T Clark, 2012). Like that book, Reading Ecclesiastes Intertextually provides the first comprehensive treatment of intertextuality in this wisdom text. Articles address intertextual resonances between Ecclesiastes and texts across the Hebrew canon, along with texts throughout history, from Greek classical literature to the New Testament, Jewish and Christian interpretation, and existential and Modern philosophy. As a multi-authored volume that gathers together scholars with expertise on this diverse array of texts, this collection provides exegetical insight that exceeds any similar attempt by a single author. The contributors have been encouraged to pursue the intertextual approach that best suits their topic, thereby offering readers a valuable collection of intertextual case studies addressing a single text.

  • Table Of Contents
  • 1. Introduction - Katharine Dell and Will Kynes
  • Part I: Ecclesiastes in Dialogue with the Hebrew Bible ]
  • 2. Exploring Intertextual Links between Ecclesiastes and Genesis 1–11 - Katharine Dell
  • 3. Follow Your Heart and Do Not Say It Was a Mistake: Qoheleth’s Allusions to Numbers 15 and the Story of the Spies - Will Kynes
  • 4. “Better That You Should Not Vow Than That You Vow and Not Fulfill”: Qoheleth’s Use of Textual Allusion and the Transformation of Deuteronomy’s Law of Vows - Bernard M. Levinson
  • 5. Qoheleth as Solomon: “For What Can Anyone Who Comes after the King Do?” (Eccl 2:12) - Tremper Longman III
  • 6. Qoheleth and Isaiah in Dialogue - Richard Schultz
  • 7. Polyphonic Narration in Ecclesiastes and Jonah - Mary Mills
  • 8. Of Snakes and Sinners: An Intertextual Reading of Ba?al ha-lashon in Ecclesiastes 10:11 in Light of ?Ish lashon in Psalm 140:12[11] - Tova Forti
  • 9. “And They Have No Comforter” Job and Ecclesiastes in Dialogue - Thomas Krüger
  • 10. Intertextuality and Economics: Reading Ecclesiastes with Proverbs - Milton P. Horne
  • 11. Seeking and Finding in Ecclesiastes and Proverbs - Daniel J. Estes
  • 12. Solomon, Wisdom, and Love Intertextual Resonance between Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs - Brittany N. Melton
  • 13. The Inner-Textuality of Qoheleth’s Monologue - Stuart Weeks
  • Part II: Ecclesiastes in Dialogue with Texts Throughout History
  • 14. Ecclesiastes in the Intertextual Matrix of Ancient Near Eastern Literature - William H. U. Anderson
  • 15. Ecclesiastes among the Comedians - John Jarick
  • 16. A Reassessment of Sirach’s Relationship to Qoheleth: A Case Study of Qoheleth 3:15 and Sirach 5:3 - Bradley C. Gregory
  • 17. Intertextual Connections between the Wisdom of Solomon and Qoheleth - Lester L. Grabbe
  • 18. Wisdom, Apocalypticism and Intertextuality: The Book of Ecclesiastes and the Sociolect of the Dead Sea Scrolls - Matthew Goff
  • 19. The Intertextuality of Ecclesiastes and the New Testament - Craig G. Bartholomew
  • 20. Qoheleth’s Israel in Jerome’s Commentarius in Ecclesiasten - Jennie Grillo
  • 21. Ecclesiastes, Augustine’s uti/frui Distinction, and Christ as the Waste of the World - Susannah Ticciati
  • 22. Examples of Intertextuality in Ecclesiastes Rabbah: An Examination of the Book of Psalms in Ecclesiastes Rabbah with Methodological Nuances - Michail Kitsos
  • 23. Remembering in One’s Youth Kierkegaard Reading Ecclesiastes as an Edifying Discourse - Hugh Pyper
  • 24. Ecclesiastes in Dialogue with Modernity: A Matter of Life and Death - Daniel J. Treier

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